Boundless & Impactful Media Relations


Entrusting your company with Vert PR will ensure you the brand awareness and media outreach your business needs to succeed. We are skilled in the  cannabis market and have a track record for stand out results. Vert PR has figured out the way to make our cannabis clients the hottest stories in the media. 


Creative Marketing & Media Relations

Our staff - a carefully curated blend of branding experts, clever storytellers, former journalists, record execs, talent agents, hospitality gurus and creative masterminds adeptly devise and execute brand-defining experiences, creative marketing solutions and media relations movements.


Social Media

Social strategists ideate and implement creative campaigns across all key platforms aimed to spark and sustain targeted social presence and relevance. From creative concepting to content production to influencer relations and data monitoring, our approach nurtures audiences, transforming them into engaged, loyal communities.


Hospitality & Event Consulting

Proprietary assessment program led by former hospitality industry execs, consumer insight analysts, culinary, travel and consumer journalists - uniquely qualified to review and concept industry compliant creative solutions for new and existing products, services, experiences.


Our Practice

Finding the perfect public relations firm to fit the vision of your company can be a daunting task. Representation in the cannabis industry continues to be a sensitive subject amongst some of the top media in the nation, although there is no doubt that the subject matter is coming closer to normalcy every day.