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Finding the perfect public relations firm to fit the vision of your company can be a daunting task. Representation in the cannabis industry continues to be a sensitive subject amongst some of the top media in the nation, although there is no doubt that the subject matter is coming closer to normalcy every day. Our industry continues to still be very much fragmented, which affects advertising and marketing tactics used amongst all other businesses across the country, putting the cannabis industry at a steep disadvantage business-wise. Cannabis is still federally illegal and because of this, media advertisers will not take a second look at a marijuana-based advertising proposal.

So, what are businesses within the cannabis industry supposed to do?

Public relations continue to be the best and most effective way for the cannabis industry to gain brand awareness. The right team will be able to craft your message in a way that the media will accept and even gravitate to. To no surprise, Marijuana is a booming business and will soon be sweeping the nation. Public relations surrounding Marijuana will be aiding in the success by introducing the public to the cannabis industry and its growth. In order for the cannabis industry to be successful, they will need to gain the acceptance of the media which will in return gain brand awareness amongst the public. The most logical solution for the cannabis industry is to invest their resources into strategic and planned public relations

Vert PR is an example of such a firm. We have secured our cannabis clients coverage in national and regional media including but not limited to NBC, CNBC, The Los Angeles Times, USA TODAY, Forbes, The Huffington Post, NPR, and TIME Magazine. Our strong relationships with the media and our expertise in the cannabis field also allow us to work closely with influential bloggers such as Elite Daily, Refinery 29, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and Thrillist, who spread the buzz on our clients to a massive audience of readers. We cater our offerings based on our client’s goals, including strategies focused on business to consumer, business to business or a combination of both.

Entrusting your company with Vert PR will ensure you the brand awareness and media outreach your business needs to succeed. We are skilled in the market of cannabis and have a track record for stand out results. Vert PR has figured out the way to make our cannabis clients the hottest stories in the media. Not only will you rest assured your cannabis business will be in the hands of a firm who has measurable results, but you will also see the results in your company as well the cannabis industry as a whole.